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Most Popular RC Trainer Planes

Tons of RC trainer Planes to choose from!

Before choosing your first airplane it's very important to have a good understanding of what makes a good trainer.

If your radio controlled airplane has those traits, you can be confident that it will be a good trainer airplane.

Keep in mind that airplanes with flat-bottomed airfoils are easier to fly and less aerobatic.

Trainers with a semi-symmetrical airfoil are more difficult to fly and more aerobatic.

Below are the most common trainers by each major RC airplane manufacturer.

Hobbico Trainers

Sig Mfg Trainers

Great Planes/Carl Goldberg Trainers

Perfect Trainer

Eagle 2


Hangar 9 Trainers

Alpha 40 RTF

Alpha 40 ARF


Do you want to spend the time to build a kit, or do you want to get a plane in the air quickly by getting an ARF or RTF RC trainer.

By building a kit, you will have a much better idea how to repair the airplane after minor crashes. However, it's emotionally draining when a plane that you've spent countless hours building bites the dust!

If you want to minimize the emotional attachment and get a bird in the air quickly, choose an ARF or RTF. But don't base your decision on the price difference alone between a kit and an ARF.

A kit may initially appear to be cheaper than an ARF. By the time you factor in the cost for the covering, glue, knives, tools etc., a kit will end up costing you just as much if not more than the ARF!

What as your first trainer?

A special bond exists between an RC Pilot and their first plane. After all, it was this very airplane that set you on the path to enjoy a life time of flying model aircraft.

Tell us about your first trainer and why you think it would be the best choice for a beginner. Please provide much detail as your review may very likely influence someone's decision!

See Trainers recommended by other visitors.

What others have shared...

Click below to see RC trainers recommend by other visitors...

Carl Goldberg Eaglet 50 
If you can get your hands on one, this is a great little trainer. Stable, predictable and forgiving, this trainer offered many great flights. This …

Goldberg Eagle 2 
I've been flying for over 20 years and this is still my most favorite airplane. I've built 3 over the years and each was a pleasure to build and fly. …

E-flight delta ray is an excellent trainer 
3 flight modes and panic recovery. Inexpensive to purchase and repairs can be performed in minutes. Replacement parts are extremely inexpensive

SlowBipe Air, minibipe ,ARF 
This plane can fly slow giving A person time to recover from disorientiing attitude . I started flying last summer and after 15 flights she is still in …

H-King Bixler Makes a Great Trainer 
Very gentle and rather slow. Glides really well and can handle wind. The small prop and engine allow it to be a calm plane, where no sharp turns are required. …

E-Flite 15 S Apprentice 
This is a superb plane to learn flying. It has a 59 inch wing span. It has flat bottom wing that makes it easy to control, yet it allows you to do loops, …

Scratch built "apprentice" trainer from MAN plans 
This is probably not the way to go to start out in RC model flying. As it takes to long to get in the air. I also bought an ARF so I could be flying while …

Sig Manufacturing, Kadet Senior, ARF and KIT 
My first trainer was a flop. It was fast, nimble and great fun for my teacher to fly. For me it was all wrong. There are two types of beginners - …

Midwest Aerostar .40 
This may well be the best overall trainer plane I have ever taught students on. A well built kit built plane will be there for years vs. the disposable …

Sig LT-40 ARF 
Technically, my first plane was a HobbyZone Aerobird. That’s an entire story in itself. Let’s just say I went through 2 fuselages and about 6 sets of …

Tower Hobbies PT 40 
At age 69, now - I began in the world of RC Flight over 20 years ago re my son, Christian, then a young teen. I took my time with the PT 40 kit. As it …

E-flite UMX Turbo Timber Not rated yet
This plane is a small foam aircraft with an amazing design modeled after S.T.O.L (Short Take Off and Landing) bush planes. This makes it a very easy plane …

Sig Kadet MKII, Kit Not rated yet
Great first time plane, easy to build and easy to fly. This plane has full house controls (throttle, ailerons, rudder,elevator) so you learn how to control …

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Top of Popular RC Trainer Planes

Let’s Go Flying!

5 Steps for Successful First Flight!

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Control yourself my friend!

Save yourself much time and money by following these five steps to success!


1:Choose the Right Plane

2: Understand the Physics of Flight

3: Learn the Controls!

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