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Types of RC Jets

There are many different types of RC jets to choose from. There are those that are powered by pusher propellers. Some are propelled by ducted air fan units. And by far the coolest of them all are powered by genuine gas turbine engines.

Before we go any further I feel obligated to let you know that ANY type radio controlled jet airplane in the hands of a beginner pilot spells disaster each and every time. If you're new to the hobby make sure you start of with an RC trainer of some sort before attempting to fly RC jet aircraft of any type.

RC Pusher Jets

RC pusher jets have a propeller at the rear of the plane that provides the thrust.  The propeller can be powered by either a glow engine or electric motor.

This Parkzone F-27Q Stryker to the right is one example of an electric powered pusher jet.

My son had a heck of a time filming the video to the right, but did pretty darn good for a six year old!

What's really nice with an RC pusher jet is that the propeller is protecting during rough landings. 

Check this page out for more examples of RC pusher jets ranging from small electric jets to fast glow powered jets!

RC Ducted Fan Jets

Another type of jets are those powered by RC ducted fans. This ducted fan is nothing more than a fan spinning inside of a tube that runs from the mouth of the plane to the rear.

Megatech A7 Tornado

Ducted fans powered by an electric motor are called EDF's, electric ducted fans. Ducted fans powered by glow engines are called GDF's, glow ducted fans.

With advancements in electric technology electric ducted fans  have become extremely popular in recent years. Here are some examples of powerful EDF jets.

To learn more about how ducted fans work be sure to visit this page with an in depth discussion of  EDF and GDF RC jets.

RC Turbine Jets

These jets are powered by genuine turbine powered model jet engines that burn the same A1 jet fuel as full scale jets. And let me tell you, they are indeed some extremely fast machines!

As you can see in the video above the are some giant radio controlled jets including RC Fighter Jets, RC muscle Jets, and even a miniature version of the infamous UPS cargo jet!

While these jet powered RC planes are awesome, they're definitely not cheap.  Some of these turbine engines cost over $5,000 for the turbine alone!

You can learn more about these awesome RC turbines here.

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Let’s Go Flying!

5 Steps for Successful First Flight!

When the RC bug bites, it bites hard!

Control yourself my friend!

Save yourself much time and money by following these five steps to success!


1:Choose the Right Plane

2: Understand the Physics of Flight

3: Learn the Controls!

4: Join a Club

5: Buy a Simulator