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E-Flite 15 S Apprentice

This is a superb plane to learn flying. It has a 59 inch wing span. It has flat bottom wing that makes it easy to control, yet it allows you to do loops, sharp turns, inverted, and best of all EASY take-offs and landings. It takes a licking but keeps on ticking.

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by: Anonymous

This is one of the best to learn to fly on. Very forgiving and very lofty. This will help build up a new pilots confidence. Simulators also will be a great addition to this.

by: Anonymous

This is the plane that taught me how to fly! It can be as restictive or aerobatic as you want(within reason of a trainer). SAFE gave me the confidence to push my abilities without fear. The best part about this plane is that it's still my favorite. Now I usually fly faster more aerobatic planes, but they are stressful. I bring my apprentice every time for lazy, relaxing, no worry flying!

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