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Tower Hobbies PT 40

by Ron Stauffer
(Laurel Ms)

At age 69, now - I began in the world of RC Flight over 20 years ago re my son, Christian, then a young teen. I took my time with the PT 40 kit. As it turned out - it was an easy build and the plane was perfectly balanced without me "balancing it." It could glide, re a dead stick," for a mile, if need be. It made many flights before I gave it away - moving up to "bottom wing," kits.

Ron Stauffer

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PT 40 is great!
by: Bob

The PT 40 is as basic as it gets. It builds fast with 2 wing options... With or without ailerons and 2 dihedral options. The so-called Sport Wing has less dihedral than the trainer version. A great starter build for a beginner.

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