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Foxtech AIO Goggles

The Foxtech AIO goggles is what I use to fly FPV. I'll tell you straight up, I absolutely love mine!  

Foxtech is a fairly well known company in the FPV community. They sell all kinds of FPV equipment including receivers, transmitters, goggles, the whole nine yards.

They're especially known for their Foxtech All In One (AIO) video goggles.

While not as large as the Fatshark AE’s, they have a fairly decent size FOV of 32 degrees with same 640 x 480 resolution as the Fatsharks.

These goggles come with both 2.4Ghz and a 5.8GHz internal receivers in addition to a built in head tracker. It' a pretty sweet unit.

Hobby King's Version

Hobby King sells these same goggles under a different brand name, the reviews on the HK site are very positive.

While the Hobby King site offers these cheaper than Foxtech, I am not sure they are exactly the same goggles.

I'’ve read that the head tracking may or may not be the same technology. So be aware of that if you decide to buy from Hobby King…

To be honest, I actually had my heart set on these goggles from the HK site at first.

The FOV of 32 degrees seems like the perfect compromise between clarity and size. The price also seemed very reasonable.

Can You Trust Foxtech?

I finally took the plunge and ordered the Foxtech AIO goggles from Foxtech. The price was a bit more than HK, but I was tired of waiting.

Plus I felt more confident that I would get a better product buying directly from Foxtech.

I'm very happy I ordered from Foxtech. Why?  Because they do stand by their product.

There was a problem with the video transmitter I ordered along with the goggles.  I couldn't walk 5 feet without loosing reception!

Foxtech gave me a full refund for the transmitter with no questions asked. All I had to pay for was shipping.

You can read about my first adventures with the Foxtech AIO Goggles here . I had all kinds of trouble, none of which were the fault of the goggles though!

Flaws with Foxtech AIO Goggles

Overall, I'm very satisfied with these goggles. But there are a couple things that you should be aware of if you're thinking of buying a pair.

The stock antenna pretty much sucks. I actually had to replace the stock antenna with a clover leaf antenna from ReadyMadeRC in order to get enough range to fly FPV comfortable.

There is one more flaw I found with these Foxtech AIO Goggles, and maybe it's just isolated to mine.

When using the AV cable for video with from my stand alone video receiver (instead of using the built in rx), sometimes I loose video and have to wiggle the plug around to get video back.

Luckily both times this happened I had enough altitude it didn't really hurt anything. I usually just use the built in RX so this isn't a huge deal for me. Just something to keep in mind if you get a pair.

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