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Headplay Display Good For FPV?

The Headplay Display was originally designed for playing video games and watching movies, including 3D movies. It comes with a cute little visor to help keep the ambient light out...

Do you sense the sarcasm?

It has a very nice 800 x 600 resolution. It's adjustable lenses and adjustable IPD distance will accommodate most everyone. I'd say it's probably the most common "non-fpv" video goggles used for flying FPV.

 If you want head tracking, you can purchase a stand-alone head tracker or gyro unit that simply attaches to the outside of the glasses.

Probably the biggest drawback of these particular video glasses is that they require a separate box called a “Liberator” that excepts all of the video inputs such as VGA, composite, S-video, USB, AV plug etc. This unit also contains the battery.

The goggles themselves are only used for display and must be connected to this extra box that supplies the actual video feed.

A common problem is that the cable from the video goggles to the Liberator is too short and sometimes comes unplugged during flight.

However, Range Video provides a box that goes around the liberator to keep it from coming unplugged during flights.

Headplay Displays seem to be fairly difficult to come by these days, I'm  fairly certain they are no longer being manufactured. That means there's not much technical support either. So you're kind of stuck with what you get.

In order to get these to work properly for FPV flight, you need to download the proper firmware which can be found on the Range Video website.

Since the "cute" little visor that comes with these goggles doesn't do the greatest job at keeping the ambient light out, you'll have to get creative in how you block the sun.

I have to laugh when I see my buddies with a towel over their head, but I guess whatever works right?

If you're the type of person that likes to fiddle around with connectors, plugs, wires, firmware etc., the Headplay Display can work very well for FPV.

But if you want to pick up a set of goggles and go fly, I wouldn't recommend these.

As a matter of fact, it seems that most of the people who get seriously into FPV flying express their regret about buying these instead of getting Fat Sharks or Foxtech AIO goggles which are specifically designed for FPV flight. 

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