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Vuzix Wrap 920 Video Goggles

While the Vuzix Wrap 920's may not be specifically designed for FPV flight, many folks use them for just that.

I almost bought a pair of these solely for the fact that I would be able to watch 3D movies and view my cell phone with them.

I mean really, how cool would that be?

Since they resemble sunglasses you can get away with wearing them in public without looking like a total dork. They're so small and portable compared with other FPV goggles that you can easily take them with you nearly anywhere you go.

The field of view is comparable to looking at a 67 ”inch television screen sitting  10 feet away. They’'re relatively inexpensive considering each lens consists of a crisp 640 x 480 LCD display.

Wear prescription glasses?

Not a problem.  The adjustable diopter lenses allows you to adjust the focus to suit your eyes.

Unlike video goggles designed specifically for FPV, these glasses let quite a bit of ambient light into your eyes.

While they're bright enough that you can still see to fly your plane just fine, you don't get that feeling of immersion with all the sunlight around the edges.

Ultimately, I decided on the Foxtech AIO Video Goggles and I'm very happy with them.

I have to say, a lot of guys who start out with Vuzix 920’s and then get heavily into FPV wind up selling them and picking up a set of Fat Sharks or Foxtech’s that do a much better job of blocking the ambient light.

If you really have your heart set on a set of Vuzix Wrap 920's, you could always encapsulate your video goggles inside of a ski mask to block the sunlight.


The Vuzix Wrap 920's are pretty nice goggles. There's no doubt that having the ability to watch 3D movies or watch videos from your smart phone sounds pretty awesome.

But how often would you really use them for that? 

If your sole reason for buying them is for flying FPV, then Fat Sharks or Foxtech goggles may be a better choice. 

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