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Jun 06, 2017

P-51 choices

Hey Gang, I'm trying to decide which P-51 Mustang to purchase. The models that I'm deciding on are: 1. FMS FMM008PBBD Big Beautiful Doll PNP V8 $299.99

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May 30, 2017

FPV Sensor Mount

Hi, I would love any tips on how you would hook these sensors up to your ground station. You mentioned some great sensor options so wondering now how

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May 26, 2017

how to rework my old mccoy and fox 35 engines to operating conditions

I have several old mccoy and fox 35 engines that I want to refurbish and get running again for some new planes that I am building. what tools and what

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May 26, 2017

Os52 reluctant to start, rpm drops then quits.

Hi, I have an OS52 surpass which will only start after LOTS of priming after which fuel pours from the carburettor. When the engine does start the rpm

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May 26, 2017

fuel delivery issue

i have two glow planes with similar problems. air in the lines. i removed cleaned the tanks. replaced fuel lines. i can blow through the exhaust line and

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May 26, 2017

old rc airplane fuel tanks

I am building one of the old Nobler U-control airplanes and I have been unable to find a fuel tank for it. In the airplane plans it mentions three different

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May 26, 2017

Newb teen first time flying kit help

Here's the scoop. I work in the mental health field and am continuously looking for hobbies to get some of the kids I work with involved in. I know there

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May 25, 2017

Model Airplane Balsa Parts source

I have been given an old RC Model Airplane Kit that is approximately 40 years old. Manufactured by 'Top Flight Models, Inc.', it is completely BALSA.

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May 25, 2017

FAA RC Regulations

What is the latest update for FAA RC Regulations? I fly standard .40 and .60 size planes for fun. Sherman

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May 25, 2017

Sport Cub makeover

The story of missionaries killed in Ecuador in 1956 inspired me to look for a plane with similar dimensions. The Parkzone Sport Cub S2 is a dead-on 1/8

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Apr 07, 2017

new plane dont know what it is

Can someone tell me what plane this is. I purchased it and the cowl is messed up and needing to be replaced. Thank you for your help.

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Apr 03, 2017

WLtoys Q303

WLtoys Q303 is the PERFECT entry level FPV Drone

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Mar 27, 2017

WIll old FS receivers work with new Taranis radio?

Will a FS-IA6, and FS_R6B receiver, work with the new FrSky ACCST Taranis Q X7 2.4GHz 16CH Transmitter?

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Mar 07, 2017

OS65 not reaching high RPM

I have an OS65, and it just does not seem to reach a high RPM on max throttle. Tried adjusting the mixture screw both ways but either the engine has no

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Mar 07, 2017

Eflite Power 32 screams at high power settings

I have an Eflite Power 32 which has never been flown, but is a couple of years old. I installed it in a scratch built Cub and took it to the field to

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Feb 21, 2017

Building RC Aircrafts

Hi There , So I am building an RC Aircraft for participating in a national level competition held by Boeing every year in my country . Now , the competition

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Feb 19, 2017

OS 25 Starts Up Nicely then dies and will not start again.

I have an os 25 max fs. Starts nicely and runs for a few seconds very good. Then when I throttle down it will die and I CANNOT get it to start again.

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Feb 19, 2017

OS 55 Ejected GlowPlugs

I have been having a few starting and running issues with my OS 55 AX. Today it spat out three Glow plugs. Does anyone know why?

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Jan 21, 2017

Need some help with my father's planes

I'm trying to sell my father's planes. About 16 of them. Do I need to worry about which controller is paired with which plane? Are the transmitters on

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Jan 21, 2017

Cost of Flying RC

Today is the last day of my being able to enjoy our hobby of RC Airplanes. Being retired and on a fixed income, the cost of membership to the AMA and

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Jan 21, 2017

Old Enya 40 4c

Idle and mid speed running is a little choppy and bouncy, but at full throttle it surges a ton. The high speed needle Dosent change it at all. I can keep

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Jan 21, 2017

Goldberg Eagle 2

I've been flying for over 20 years and this is still my most favorite airplane. I've built 3 over the years and each was a pleasure to build and fly.

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Jan 12, 2017

ESC 3.5mm Bullet male to EC3 female Connector Adapter

Anybody know where I can order a ESC 3.5mm Bullet male to EC3 female (and female to Male) Connector Adapter ?

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Jan 12, 2017

Electric Motor Issue on Twin Engine Blimp

We are flying a twin engine electric blimp. Each engine is on its own channel mixed in the transmitter. Works perfect 99% of the time. Occasionally one

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Jan 12, 2017

Common Flying Mistakes and how to Avoid Them

Constructing Model Aircraft It’s not easy to build or construct model aircraft- especially if you do it from scratch with your own electronics and know-how

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Nov 26, 2016

looking for accessories for older Helicopters

Hello I have 2 helicopters that is making me pull my hair out looking for some parts for them. One is a Dragon fly or schweizer 300 c heli that calls for

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Nov 26, 2016

Leo .40 engine running problems

I have a leo .40 engine and its lucky if its had 20 mins running time in 7 years. I have aquired this project from my dad to kill time however i can get

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Nov 06, 2016

Question about RC Helicopter Frequencies

I have several helicopters and was wondering I bought another heli that has no transmitter.The frequency sticker on the heli says 27mhz and it is white.

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Nov 06, 2016

how to set up a seperate switch for a gyro so I can set up gain

Hi,I have a spectrum dx8 radio that I would like to be able to adjust the gain on the knob switch on this radio.The gyro I want to us the power box 3e

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Nov 06, 2016

Museum Manager ISO Giant Scale DC-3

At our museum in South Texas, we are building a permanent exhibit commemorating the Pan Am hub that was located in Brownsville Texas for many years.

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Nov 06, 2016

Best (appropriate) R/C Radio to buy

Recently returned to aircraft (electric) modelling after many years and now building a park flyer The Tiger Moth and confused as to which radio would be

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Sep 18, 2016

Low end Mixture meter setting on Thunder Tiger 50

I have a 50 size heli with super tiger 50 engine. Getting it to run is just giving me fits. I have set from the closed position 3 turns out for the high

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Sep 18, 2016

Bigger Prop Better for Walko Biplane

Bigger prop better? I have a Walko biplane that has a 1610 prop on it and the only complaint I have is that it doesn't want to slow down and is very

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Sep 05, 2016

Asp 75 wont prime or hold a prime

I have a ASP 75 that's been setting for about 10 years , I put it on my bench test stand tried to get it to prime and hold a prime, it's not pulling up

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Aug 28, 2016

OS AX .46 Kicks/Whacks at idle

I have have an OS .46AX having quite some running hours. On medium and high speed the engine runs smoothly (smooth rpm), but on idle it is sort of kicking/whacks.

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Aug 14, 2016

EDF Vacuum Cleaner for Model Railroad

Hi, I'm not an electric flyer but a model railroader with an idea. My idea (not original by any means) is to build a vacuum cleaner for my train tracks.

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Aug 14, 2016

OS 46 LA dies when climbing or verticle poistion

Well my OS 46 LA runs as close to perfect as it gets on the ground. Idle is great, slow to fast speed is great, and she is just between rich and lean right

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Jul 17, 2016

What Motor for My Biplane?


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Jul 10, 2016

TT 46 Pro Engine wont tune

I've messed with the low end needle of my TT 46 Pro Engine have got it so when I pinch the line it rises barley and then goes back to a nice idle. But

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Jul 04, 2016

Help Me Identify My New RC Plane

Hi, a very old model I picked many years ago and would like to know what it is? I'm sure someone would recognise it? Many thanks Dion

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