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carbon cub 1.3 battery dilemma

by Richard

Greetings all Enthusiasts

I have my starting plane carbon cub 1.3 s+, I have been pre-packed with an e-flite battery (LiPO 11.1 V, 1300 mAh). The flight time with the battery is really low, and was told to get a better one. I would probably go for greater storage but I'm not sure about the voltage and its effect on the performance of the plane.
Many thanks for any suggestions

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ESC limitations
by: rcdude07

Your limitation is going to be what the ESC, motor, and prop combo can handle. The manual should say what the ESC is rated for (3s or 4s).

Honestly as your first plane you should stick with 3S. If the battery compartment is large enough, go up to an 1800mAh or 2200mAh 3S battery.

Also, C rating on the battery is important. Higher C rating between batteries of same capacity will give higher performance. Don't get a battery whose C rating is lower than the minimum recommendation for the power setup (ESC, motor, and prop).

Short flight time is very subjective. For most r/c aircraft 5-6 minute flight time is average and acceptable. This though depends on your throttle management and type of flying. More aggressive and on teh power, the lower flight time.

Flight time
by: Quorneng

Electric flight time is a balancing act. The battery is likely the heaviest single component.
A bigger capacity battery will deliver the same power for longer but the extra weight will require a bit more power to fly so it becomes a case of diminishing returns. At some point adding weight will make the plane virtually unflyable.
The easiest way to improve flight time is to use the throttle. Electric is very good at this as if you can fly at half power it will automatically give close to twice the flight time.
Remember don't run a LiPo down too low. Discharge it to below 3.7V/cell and it will permanently loose capacity.

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