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Receiver and transmitter compatibility

by Paul
(Slinger WI. USA)

I am new to RC Flying. I recently acquired a J3 Cub 450.
I have a spektrum 6XDi Transmitter and a spektrum AR6100e receiver. They will not bind.

Do I have to replace the receiver and servos or just the receiver?

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It should work the way it is
by: Matt AKA. RC-Wings

Hello Paul,

What happens when you try to bind it? Are you using a binding plug?

I believe both your receiver and transmitter use D2M2 technology.

It should work the way it is. You shouldn't have to replace either.

Should work
by: rcdude07

Which version of the DX6i do you have? If it's black it's the newest version. If it's silver and more square it's older and will not work with DSMX.

The AR6100e is a DSM2 RX and should work with all Spektrum TXes.

Be sure to power on the RX first with the bind plug in, then turnon the TX while holding the bind button for a while even after turning on

Finally working
by: Anonymous

Thank you all for your help. It turned out to be a bad binding plug that worked intermittently.

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