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Spektrum AR610 Receiver

by Keith Green Sr
(Petersburg, VA)

My AR9000/AR9020 have been sent to Horizon Hobby for repair.

The 9020 is brand new and the other about 6 months old. When binding both the satellites come on but once you power off and remove the bins plug they no longer light up.

Also the control surfaces always pause like there is a connection issue somewhere. I

have an AR610 sport rated for up to a .91 and no issues with binding or hesitation on any of the control surfaces.

I’ve installed it in a Cap 232 with a 73” wing span, with a 20cc gas.

Would it be best to wait on the repaired receivers.

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Not a good ida
by: Matt A.K.A RC-Wings

Hello Keith,

I know that feeling of just wanting to get your bird in the air. But airplanes are not cheap and a 20cc engine out of control isn't exactly safe.

So would I try the AR610 with an 20cc engine? Probably not.

It may work perfectly fine. But it may not. Is that a chance you are willing to take?

Here is what I copied from there Spekrum website,KEY FEATURES

Full-range DSMX® receiver
Antenna is amplified for greater signal clarity
Flight log and telemetry compatible
2048 resolution
6 Channel sport aircraft receiver for parkflyers to .90 sized sport planes.
1-Year Limited Warranty

Not worth the Risk
by: rcdude07

I wouldn't even trust an AR610 sport RX in a plane with a .91 fourstroke. You are increasing your risk. Better to wait.

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