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Selecting a Propeller

by Caleb
(St. Paul, Minnesota)

I am designing my own plane and I'm not sure what style of propeller to get. I know the thickness makes a difference, how many blades there are makes a difference, surface area makes a difference...

It seems like there are a lot of variables and it seems kind of overwhelming.

I don't have a lot of power from my engine, so I need the most bang for my buck. Is there a style of propeller that'll give me more efficient thrust?

Is there some mathematical formula I can use to determine how much surface area I need the propeller to have, or how fast it needs to spin relative to the plane's weight/drag/lift?

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by: rcdude07

use a tool like motocalc. As you said there are a lot of variables when selecting a prop. Materials don't matter as much as diameter and pitch. First number on the prop is diameter, second is the pitch. Typically if you change one, the other has to change the opposite way. If using electric motors, have to make sure the power draw does not exceed your ESC and battery capabilities. More blades decreases efficiency.

Your motor should have recommended prop sizes.

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