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Convert Old Drone into RC plane

by Sheldon G
(Ontario Canada)

So I have a small drone that wont fly right anymore... The trimming doesn't seem to work. So I may be being cheap but I'm wondering if there would be a way to use the electronics from this and to build a plane.

The thing im not sure about is connecting survo motors to the drone "brain" that it works with the controller. If there is any input on this let me know.

Im just on the outside of the plane community lol. Id like to start with this if possible since I dont see my way to spending several hundred on a plane right now.

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Different Animals
by: Matt

Hi Sheldon,

What is the exact model of your drone? Do you have any info on that?

The way a drone is controlled is completely different from an airplane.

In a nut shell the "brain" of a drone as you call it is basically electronic speed controllers built into a circuit board that rely on the feedback of electronic gyroscopes that vary the speed of each motor to keep the drone stable and to control the drone.

RC airplanes rely on servos that change the angle of control surfaces to control the airplane.

So the short answer is that it’s probably not going to be possible to use your drone electronics with an airplane.

Yup, Its possible....see the link below... NEW
by: Anonymous

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