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What is a good second RC airplane?

by Chris
(Camarillo, CA)

Looking for direction on choosing a good second RC airplane. Just wanted some advice on the next step up.

I have had a Super Cub electric for some time now and although it has been a great plane, I am getting a bit bored for it is not much of a challenge anymore (except in wind.

I am not a pro by no means but what would a good next step be for my next plane?

Matt's Reply: Electric or glow?
Hi Chris,

There are so many planes out there these days, it's hard to recommend a single one.

It really depends on what you have in mind. Do you want another electric plane? Or do you want to try glow powered?

Parkzone has several good planes for beginner to intermediate skill level. I recently picked up a ParkZone T-28 Trojan and I love it!
Parkzone T28D Trojan

It's definitely not for a complete beginner, but if your confident with the cub, you would probably be OK with it.

Here are some other ParkZone planes to look at.

HobbyZone's Aerobird Swift is a three channel plane with ailerons instead of rudder. This would be a fun small step up from the cub.
Aerobird Swift
If you want to go glow powered then you really need to get the help of an experienced pilot for the first few flights. But here is a list of popular glow trainers.

This are just some ideals. If you can tell me what you have in mind and the price ranges you are looking for I may be able to recommend something more specific.

I hope this at least gives you an idea of what's out there.

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What Next
by: MikeyD

In my humble opinion the next plane I would prefer would be anything that resembles an Ugly Stick. Gotta be one of the best designs for many years. Simple to build and excellent to fly. Tons of fun.

Thanks for the info
by: Chris

Matt & MikeyD

Thanks for the quick information. I will probably stick with electric at least for one more round just for simplicity and cost. I will be taking up your advices this weekend when I shop for the new adventure. Thanks guys.

I will be in touch with my choice.


next plane
by: Anonymous

If you are wanting to go with a nitro powered plane I would suggest a Skyraider Mach2. It is a low wing trainer that flies very well and is faster than most high wing planes. These are also fairly cheap at about a C-note. There made by a company called The World Models.

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