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OS 75 AX Engine Quits on T/O

by George Sheffield
(Boerne, TX USA)

After following the tuning tips in this article, the OS 75 AX still quits on T/O or after a short time in the air.

Any suggestions?

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Pressure line
by: Anonymous

Check that the pressure line to the fuel tank is correctly fitted to the pressure nipple on the muffler, and that the pressure line itself is not blocked.

Engine quits on T/O
by: Yuconman

If the plane has ever been in a hard nose in landing or crash, the fuel pick-up klunk may be in the forward position in the tank, thus on T/O fuel shifts to back of tank starving engine. Shake the plane to see if the klunk is in the back of the tank, if not, shake it up and down vilently to shift the klunk to back of the tank.

Happy Flying

Did you ever solve this?
by: Ed Bryan

I am having the same problem on a fairly new engine. Did anyone ever solve this?

OS 75 AX Quits..
by: David

Yes, I have seen this problem. It turned out that the muffler pressure coming off of the Power Box Muffler was making the fuel line and klunk go all over the place inside the tank. Like some of you, the largest engine I had ever flown with before was an OS 46 FX.. These new larger engines have a lot of pressure blowing back into the tank and will cause the fuel line to move forward to the front of the tank and cut off your fuel line and make the engine quit... I saw what was happening in a video of the tank exposed and the fuel pick up and klunk were blowing all over the place..I then realized that you will have to splice a piece of brass tubing in series with the fuel pick up and clunk to stop the line kinking and blowing forward.. See if that will work.

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