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OS 46 LA dies when climbing or verticle poistion

by Justin

Well my OS 46 LA runs as close to perfect as it gets on the ground. Idle is great, slow to fast speed is great, and she is just between rich and lean right where I want it.

My problem comes when I do the tilt test and it will start to sputter and bubbles fill the gas line and then it just completely dies. So essentially I can not fly unless I do not climb at all. Other wise I will be coming in for the good ole dead stick landing. In the instructional manual, it says that the Air Bleed Screw is supposed to take care of that problem.

i have messed with that screw for 2 hours turning it slowly and have not had any success. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Starved of fuel
by: Nick

Hi, probably the tank position. However thats also a sign that the high end needle setting is too lean. Turn it out 1/4 turn and try again. Failing that then perhaps the clunk isnt sitting in the tank properly or it has a pinhole leak. Replace all pipework. If not then it sounds like a tank setup issue. Take the engine out of the model and try it on a test stand such as a B&D workmate. Be very careful if you try to tilt the workmate up with then engine running though! Just get it running right like this and then replace in model. Also the centre line of the tank should be level with the needle when viewed from the side. If its too low then the fuel will have trouble getting through. Also checlk the carb for blockages as this will reduce the amount of fuel getting through. Good luck.

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