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OS 1.08 BX-1 Keeps starting backwards

My OS 1.08 BX-1 Keeps starting backwards. 6/7 times it will start backwards instead of the right direction.

When it finally starts the correct way i give it gas and it slows down and flips back and starts running in reverse.

I have a "Throttle stop screw" on this motor and have adjusted it so that it does not restrict the carb from opening and closing freely.

What can be going on here?

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Low End Setting?
by: rcdude07

Almost sounds like your low end needle setting may not be dialed in.

os 1.08
by: Anonymous

Sounds like it back fires hard at starting... is your fuel mix off? Does it need more nitro or oil?

Back running O.S.
by: John Mantova

If it was a sparkie I would say ignutuon timing was wrong .In this case try a cooler running plug and see if that helps

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