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Low end Mixture meter setting on Thunder Tiger 50

by James
(Roseburg, Oregon, USA)

I have a 50 size heli with super tiger 50 engine. Getting it to run is just giving me fits. I have set from the closed position 3 turns out for the high speed metering screw according to the instructions. Problem is I cannot get it to transition from idle to half throttle without dying.

It just abruptly quits which suggests I think is to rich, yet no low end adjustments I have made seem to work.
From the closed position what is the optimum low end mixture metering screw setting for me to use as my starting position.

From there I can once again start to adjust the low end up or down accordingly. I have made so many low end adjustments I'm not sure what the default metering screw position should be.

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Check the muffler gasket
by: rcdude07

I had a Super Tigre .46 on a plane and after a while I had the same issue. The gasket where the muffler attaches to the engine had started falling apart. I replaced the gasket and things were better for a while, but eventually old age wear and tear go the best of the motor.

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