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KMS Brushless Motors

KMS brushless motors and ESC's are made in Hong Kong China by Kinetic Motor Systems.

The performance and quality of KMS motors are comparable to some of the other "name brand" brushless motors, but they are much more affordable!

Hobby People carries KMS Brushless Motors including KMS inrunners, outrunners, and ESC's. Hobby People has carried this brand for the past several years and stand by their products. 

If you look on Hobby People's site you will notice that the "Quantum" series is KMS' main line of brushless motors. Both outrunner and inrunner Quantum motors are available in a wide range of sizes.

KMS outrunner motors are designated by the stator size and number of turns. For example the KMS 2814/09 outrunner has a stator size of 28x14mm with 9 turns of wire. The first number in the KMS inrunner is unique KMS number, with the second number being the number of turns on the stator.

If you've used a KMS brushless motor, please let us know what you think by leaving a comment below!

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KMS Brushless Motors

kms Quantum motor

I have been trying for months to find parts for the Quantum KMS 2814/06 or /08. The last crash broke of the prop nut and stud that attaches to the front of the motor. Does any one know how to find these parts?
If you can help E-Mail

Try Hobby People
by: Matt

I know that Hobby People sells KMS brushless motors.

I recommend going to their site and clicking the customer support link at the top. They can probably hook you up.

comparing motors
by: Todd

Does anyone know what brushless motor is comparable to the mabushi RS-550PH.

what is the application?
by: Matt

To be honest I am not real familiar with the motor you speak of. I did a search and found the specs for a RS-550 C/VC. Does this look like it is the motor you have?

Do you have a specific airplane in mind that you want to buy a brushless motor for?

Hobby People never carries any parts ...
by: Keith

Hobby People (Global Distributors) are HORRIBLE at carrying ANY parts for KMS motor (frankly any motors they sell) and this is inexcusable since they are the importer for KMS motors! Flyer are always bending a motor shaft, which usually also results in damage to the bearings; yet Global nor any of their HP stores can not even get these parts! This is my personal experience for a couple years now with KMS motor.

If you want to buy a comparable brushless motor, where you can actually get parts, I highly suggest EFlite, ElectriFly or HiMax, but avoid KMS like the plague! reasonable prices and far better quality than KMS. Also, Turnigy motors are junk.

Ps, if you need bearings, Google Boca Bearings located in, where else, Boca Raton, Florida.

Kms 380/14
by: Anonymous

I have used this motor in my funjet. It has been through 3 crashes and still works fine. The only problem i had with it was the end cap was coming off the can. I love this motor but can't find another one....

No spares in UK
by: Anonymous

Hi, apparently no spares available in the UK either, I have been told that the importer does not stock them. I have never had a problem with Turnigy or other cheaper motors. Last time I buy KMS.

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