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Emax Brushless Motors

Emax Brushless Motors are designed and manufactured by the Chinese company Yinyan Model Tech.

There are currently four different models of Emax brushless motors. These are the BlueSky Series, Colourful Ring Series, Inrunner Motors, and the HL Series. The HL series are made for RC helicopters, and the Inrunners are hard to come by.

BlueSky Series

The Emax BlueSky Series are outrunner brushless motors available for just about any size RC airplane ranging from around 5oz. up to 7lbs! These motors can be used either with or without a gearbox. The BlueSky outrunner Series consists of the following: BL2205,BL2210, BL2215, BL2810, BL2826 Emax Brushless Motors.

Colourful Ring Series

The Emax Colourful Ring motors are very powerful motors designed for very small aircraft that are around 7oz or less. As you can see from the photo, the name sure does fit the appearance. These little guys do have a pretty amazing punch for such a small size motor!

There is really only one size Emax Colourful Ring motor that are wound to two different Kv ratings. The CF2822 is a 1200Kv motor and the CF2212 is a 1500Kv motor.

Emax is fairly well respected in the RC community. Please leave feedback via the comment form below to share your experiences with Emax Motors.

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Emax Brushless Motors

Emax 2215/25 outrunner

Great for Protech Skyraider and easystarlook-alikes.

Long flighttime saves lipo. But now i'mlooking for a stronger motor. look for near vertical climbing power.

CF 2805
by: shortcircuit

New to model electric motors and put this in a glider. It had been running ok but on occasions it would not start or growled then ran up to speed and then cut off.

Had changed the ESC on assumption faulty but did not remedy.

On changing ESC again I noted that the motor windings are not terminated in the motor but are brought right out to where you solder on, and then covered with heat shrink. Of the 6 winding wires at each terminal I note that a couple were broken which would result in the problems I had been experiencing.

Have re-soldered which included scraping varnish off to make a good joint. All appears ok now.

I was impressed with the motor as it fairly pulled the Laishing Thunderbird about with no problems. Hopefully good weather tomorrow and will see what happens.

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