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going rich in the air asp52

I can set the mixture correctly take off and when flying it will go rich. I land lean it out take off again and the thing goes lean and quits, I can't win

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Which needle are you tuning?
by: Mike from Oz

G'day There are two needles on most modern carbys. The needle valve that most people adjust is only adjusting the top 15% or so of the throttle range. The Low Speed Needle (LSN) adjusts the low 85% of the range. If you are just changing the needle valve, you probably need to also adjust the Low Speed Needle (with a small screw driver).

To get it right try this.

1. At full throttle, adjust the needle valve for max revs.

2. Now slow the engine to the slowest idle you can get and adjust the LSN leaner to get the best idle you can get.

3. Repeat 1 and 2 until you get a smooth low idle that has good response when you open the throttle suddenly. If it hesitates, open the LSN a little (about 1/16th turn) and try again.

Keep repeating until you get a stable idle and good throttle response.

The two needles affect each other which is why you have to keep repeating.

Finally open the needle valve a little to make the high speed end slightly rich.

It works for me.

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