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fuel delivery issue

by steve
(brooksville, fl.)

i have two glow planes with similar problems. air in the lines. i removed cleaned the tanks. replaced fuel lines. i can blow through the exhaust line and get a good stream of fuel.

checked the restrictions.added 2'' hose to exhaust tip to increase backpressure, no change. on the one plane with the engine mounted at 90 degrees the engine dies when nose up. i have adjusted fuel mixture with no change.also replaced glow plugs.

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Leak elsewhere
by: rcdude07

Sounds like there is a leak elsewhere and/or the clunk or clunk line has issues. Also check the stopper in the fuel tank and replace if it has gotten hard.

Engine Vibration can create foam in the tank leading to dead engine (First lean , than dead)
by: Thomas V

Engine Vibration can create foam in the tank leading to lean and deadengine.

1th: You should balance your Prop and your spinner.
2th: Use a sleaze tank weight (the weight inside, at the end of the small silikon tube, the acrobatic tank)

Hose this will heli something guys.

All the Best
Thomas from "Good old Germany"

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