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Evolution 52NX Dies with Dirt in Fuel Line

by Kenneth
(Gibson,N.C. 28343)

I start my engine and it'll run good for a few minutes then it will die. With close inspection while running I noticed carbon passing through the fuel line,very tiny little pieces.

Could this be the problem I'm having to cause it to die on me? It is a .52NX evolution nitro engine.

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Any contamination is bad for nitro
by: rcdude07

Any type of contamination in the fuel for a nitro engine will cause issues. The carb could be clogging, etc....

Check the clunk in your fuel tank. I doubt it's carbon, but dirt from your fuel tank.

Glow plug contamination
by: Anonymous

I too have a brand new Evolution 52NX and experienced a similar issue of the engine running well for about 2 minutes then dying on me. The engine is tuned on the rich side but the only solution that worked is changing the glow plug. When I change the plug the engine runs consistently well. I have run it through about 5 tanks of fuel and I ma on my 3rd glow plug. I hope it will last.
The engine manual refers to microscopic aluminum particles contaminating the plug coil and preventing an efficient catalytic process. This may be your problem and you may like to try a new plug.

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