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Engine stalls after 2-3 minutes of flight

I have an evolution 45 engine on an Alpha 40. I have aprox 3 hours max on the engine. The first three months I have been flying it, the engine has run like a top. Then in Sept I started to have problems where it would quit after two or three minutes of flight.

I have worked with several experienced pilots at the field and we get it running very good on the bench and then once again in flight the engine quits. IA month ago I tired a new glow plug (#8) then in late Nov I switched to a #6 plug to allow for the colder temp around 5 degrees Celsius. All that to say I have had aprox. 15 flights and have had to dead stick all but one of them. Although I am getting very good at dead stick landings like you said earlier it gets old fast.

I need a reliable engine so I can fly with skiis on the snow. I am afraid that the bearings are already gone or the engine is already ruined. Thank you for any advise you can provide. Dan

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Check gaskets and tubing
by: rcdude07

You've checked all the obvious items (low end and high end needles) and you understand differences in weather will cause a glow engine to need slight tuning the first time out.

I'd double check to make sure your fuel tank clunk isn't getting stuck. Also check the tubing hasn't developed a hole or slipping off nipples. Then check the screws that hold the muffler on as well as any gaskets.

Engine stalling after 2 / 3 mins in flight
by: John Ma / ntova

First point is the clunk tube too soft> If it is it could be collapsing under the vacuum of the fuel delivery system. This raises the 2nd point is the clunk filter / pick up clear.Also is the vent tube open and large enough.If not air cannot get into being the tank to replace the fuel drawn out. Again causing a partial vacuum . Last point any holes or splits anywhere or slackness round the spigots could up set tings

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