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Using Fuel Dot Flood Carb?

Thanks for the draft on Fuel Dots but dont you flood your carby when filling via the dot an tee piece?

I may have missed something. I have been using cutoff valves but they are a bit suspect.
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I have a third line
by: Matt

Hi Bill,

I have three lines going to my fuel tank. One to the engine and one as a pressure line from the exhaust naturally.

The third line is exclusively for the fuel dot. I just remove the line to the exhaust when filling, when the fuel starts coming out there I know it's full.

This has always worked great for me.

Fuel dots and Flooding
by: Keith Materi

I have also found this issue confusing. I am a fan of fuel dots, but only if connected to a line which is totally separate from the fuel system.

My set ups always consist of a line with a clunk connected to the carb of course, and a vent line, vented to atmosphere or attached to the pressure fitting on a muffler.

If the vent is used to pressurize the tank, I simply detach it from the exhaust and watch for the fuel overflow to ensure the tank is full. I also use a third line with a clunk for fueling and defueling, connected to a dot with a plug. Very simple, very effective.

I bought a plane with a "T" fitting connected to a dot and the carb, and consistently flooded the engine when fueling. It was also difficult to de-fuel since the pump was also sucking air from the carb.

fuel dots
by: Nick

Surely the idea of the fuel dot is to isolate the feed to the carb when filling, so the fuel goes into the tank. Only when you remove the filler from the valve does it allow the fuel to enter the carb? That way you should avoid flooding.
Thats how they always worked for me and they are very handy devices to use on scale models when all the pipework and the muffler etc is hidden away under the cowl and cant be got at easily. Also over here in the UK they sell different kinds, one is for glow fuel the other for petrol or "gas" as you guys call it!

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