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Using a Y splitter cable for LED's

by Andy
(Northampton / UK)


I'm new to flying and I bought a Hobby-zone Delta Ray. I am really enjoying flying this trainer and it's giving me a lot of confidence to move through the 3 flight levels. Anyway as DR owners already know, this plane only has 3 ports or channels, 1. left elevon 2. right elevon and 3. for binding. Is it possible to use a Y splitter cable in one of the ports to run a set of LED lights?

Many thanks


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by: rcdude07

No, bad idea as then the LEDs would only light up when the signal was on with your corresponding stick inputs.

You would be better to look at running LEDs off the balance tab of your flight battery.

Y splitter
by: Anonymous

Ok I'll do as you suggested .. cheers for the info :-)

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