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Total newbie needing help with setup of ares decathlon 350

by Deeanne
(Northern Illinois)

I just bought this decathlon 350..hubby W/ rc car experience put it together for me but the tail as it sits is lopsided....

It leans down on the right side as you are looking at the back of the plane. The tail assembly seems pretty loose where it attaches to the top of the end of the fuselage even tho it is screwed down tight.

It looks like the foam itself just isn't a snug fit...really loose.

This is driving me nuts because neither of us knows how to fix it & I am not about to try & fly it as is.

I know I can take it to the hobby store this weekend but I am very impatient and this is getting the best of me.

Anybody with any experience with this????

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Needs shimming
by: rcdude07

Can you post a picture or get a link to a picture?

My gut tells me the incidence on the tail is wrong. My understanding is the horizontal stabilizer is looking like it's leaning to the right when viewed from the rear. Let me ask you this question: when you eyeball the bottom of the horizontal stab in comparison to the bottom (in the case of this plane) of the wing, does it look like there's an equal amount of space between the top of the stab and bottom of the wing? If not, shim the side of the stab that is low until there is equal distance.
Without seeing the visual in a manual (like a Top Flite or Great Planes balsa kit) it may be hard for you to understand what I'm describing. Once shimmed into place, use expoxy, tape, or a foam safe glue to secure the stab with the shims in place.

In short you want the horizontal stab to be as parallel to the wings as possible. This will give you a much better flight performance.

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