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T-28 Trojan S surfaces not working after binding.

by Rick Manning
(Thompson Falls, MT)

I bought a T-28 Trojan S as a gift two years ago. It’s been on the shelf since and never opened. My grandson found it and asked if we could fly it. I have an upgraded DX6 transmitter which I use to fly all my other planes.

However, when I bind it to the DX6, only the motor works, not the flight surfaces. The radio is set up as per T-28 instructions and the battery is fully charged. Hope you can help.

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Check expo and control mapping
by: rcdude07

Did you get this fixed?

I'd recheck the mapping, throws, expo, and everything else. Also, check to ensure the sergos are connected the correct way to the RX. If they are plugged in wrong, the RX won't send signal.

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