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Spoilers with SPEKTRUM DX6

How do I get spoilers on my RC plane?

I mixed the “I” switch (Spektrum DX6) to Rudder (which is Ailerons on my left stick) so now when I push the “I switch” I get right aileron up left aileron down.

What I want is both Ailerons Up.

Can anyone give me the magic answer?


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Separate Aileron Channels
by: rcdude07

You didn't mention how your ailerons are setup. Are they using a Y-cable to 1 port on the RX?

To get your ailerons to both go up for spoilerons, you need to have them plugged into separate channels on the RX (one to normal aileron and one to the spare channel). Then setup the appropriate mix in the radio. The DX6 is an entry level radio, so I'm not sure what mixing is allowed. I'm saying this based on my experience recently setting up crow on an HK Walrus with my Spektrum Gen 1 DX8.

DX6e spoilers
by: Anonymous

At one point in setting up the DX6e, I had both airlerons up on switch C? I changed something and now I cannot repeat the settings? A V tail mixer is the solution.

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