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Spektrum DX6 Discontinued?

by Dale
(Rocklin CA)

Reading your comparison of dx7 dx6 and dx6i I was convinced I only needed the dx6i. However looking at other sites it appears the dx7 is discontinued and so is the dx6i.

It appears the old dx6 has been replaced by a newer dx6 model with 250 storage capacity. What input can you give in this new model?

I am new to RC and my son is a good flyer so I want to get into this hobby. I am willing to spend a little more than the average person to get good gear with out foolishness!

You have convinced me to get a flight simulator for example, and I can use that to help my grandkids learn. I want to learn to fly on a trainer plane then go into quads especially for the camera capability.

So my radio wants to be a great initial purchase with out wasting time or money.

Any help is appreciated, glad I found your site.

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Good TXes
by: rcdude07

The Spektrum 6 channel radios (discontinued original original DX6, discontinued DX6i, and new DX6) are all good radios.

I still have my DSM/DSM2 DX6i I plan to pass down to my kids. Never did the DSMx upgrade because I don't fly in crowded places. The DX6i was an improvement over some issues from the original DX6.

The new DX6 brought the radio up to be more inline with the modern day DX8 and DX9. The wireless training link is great if you have a DX9 or DX18 already. Voice alerts would be nice, but the biggest feature that's good is the larger memory bank. I hated my DX6i being limited to 10 models.

For an entry radio system, a 6ch radio is a great choice. 4 and 5 channel radios limit you quickly as your skill sets grow (no dual rates, no computer software mixing, no expo, only binding to one model are limiting factors on a 4 and 5 channel TX).

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