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Soldering Lipo Battery Wire Back to Battery

by Danny
(Alice texas )

Is it possible to replace or solder a battery wire back to the battery?

The wire that came off is the blue one that is used to charge battery.

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You can Solder a Balance lead if you're careful.
by: Matt

Hi Danny,

I assume you are speaking of one of the balancing lead wires.

Yes, you can solder a balancing lead back on. Just be very careful that you solder it back in the right place or the battery will not charge properly.

It's also very important that you keep the heat at a minimum and only on the soldering node. I'd use a set of helping hands. You can pick them up at Harbor Freight pretty cheap if you don't have a set.

It doesn't take much to cause a lipo to catch fire so be very careful with the heat.

I actually burned a brand new plane completely down once because I nipped the battery with a hobby knife when trimming the battery compartment.

Not trying to scare you, just know that you must be very careful with the heat.

It's been my experience that many times the original wire is still attached to the battery and the wire itself is what pulled apart. If this is the case, it makes it a bit easier to solder back.

If you are 100 percent confident in what you're doing and you are careful, you should have no problem.

On the other hand, if you are unsure of your soldering ability or where the wire should go, I wouldn't attempt to make the repair.

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