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simulator rc plane handling versus same plane in real flight

I have a list of favorites on my flight simulator, mostly warbirds like P-51, P-47 T-bolt,
and T-28 Trojan. They all handle differently and my preference is the T-28 for handling
and competition games.

I don't own my first real plane yet.

Does the simulator flight experience reflect any of the differences in actual flight between
these different planes? i.e. Is there any connection between how a plane handles via the
simulator, and how it does in real flight?

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Not the real thing
by: rcdude07

Simulators help teach muscle memory and orientation. they are great for learning new moves at no risk. However, they can not replicate the affect of wind, gravity, and sight (how small it gets, how fast it flies, and proximity to objects).

For a first time plane with all this flight sim experience, I highly recommend the ParkZone T-28. It's a trainer type aircraft you can also grow into for basic aerobatics. Other warbirds make horrible first planes due to requiring faster speeds and response times while flying as well as the typical nose over issue taildragger warbirds have.

simulators for prior real RC flight
by: Paul Schmidt

I have to differ with comments concerning the flight simulator. It does create a simulation that is almost realistic (almost being the key word). You can create wind speed, direction, you can have servos act up (unplanned) they happen at random. this simulator has been outstanding in allowing me to learn good flight habits prior to spending money and watch your plane nose dive at full speed into the ground. What I truly like is that the planes in the simulator acts 95% of what that model will fly like. I recommend anyone to purchase the unit and practice on it prior to true flight. Remember anyone can can get a plane in the air, its the landing part that requires skill and attention. All planes have an expiration date, you just don't know what that date is, until you crash.

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