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Sig Komet

by Dave Carroll
(Hampton, Iowa)

Sig Komet

Sig Komet

Here is a fantastic flying plane. It is a Sig Komet .60. Sig has always made very nice plane kits and the Komet is one of my all time favorites.

Originally designed for Sport/Pattern flying in the 70's. It is still a favorite with many pilots.

I just built this one as I really like building older kits. It sports a Super Tigre .75 engine and weighs approx 6.5 pounds.

Smooth in the air, lands like a feather.
This plane could be one of the best flying low wing sport planes ever made.

It will do anything you ask of it and looks good too. Grab one if you can find it, sadly Sig doesn't produce it anymore.

Enjoy the sport,

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Bridi Sig Komet

    Sig Komet
    by: Richard Carey


    I am picking up a Sig Komet that is mostly built. It has a glassed fuse and wing. It has a Webra rear exhuast 60 on it.

    I dont quite know how I will finish it. But when I get it done I will post some pics here. I am pumped up about this!

    I am particular about the older style pattern/sport RC model planes. I hope she flies as good as she looks.

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by: Jerry

Does anyone know where I can get the plane for and the instructions for a SIG Komet?

Thank you, Jerry

Have this kit for sale
by: John

I have a warlock kit NIB. E-mail for more details.

SIG Komet
by: kurtis

I have a mostly complete kit with plans--good to build or as spares


Sig Komet
by: Jeff

I really wish sig would bring it back. I know so many people would buy this kit because it is such a well designed plane and it looks really nice to.

by: Pete

Is that Dave Carrol the plumber.. if so its Pete from London. Started back on the plane building recently

sig komet for sale

I have a sig komet kit I would like to sell. It includes the plans, canopy, hardware bag and appears complete.

They are nice!!!
by: Mike

I built one in 1985 in the barracks while I was in the military USMC. I flew it on the flight field on base. It had an OS Max .60 rear exhausted engine with oversized 7 mm carb. and tuned pipe built inside the fuselage SUPER FAST & SMOOTH. Best plane I ever owned.

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