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Servo Requirements

by John Laing
(New Zealand)

Hi I am building a model with a 6foot wing span and twin engines, I would like to know which servos to use to operate flaps ailerons,rudder,elevators and engine throttles.

I have 3 Futaba S3003 servos and 2 P&C pc-18 servos that came with the stuff I purchased.

Which servos would be best or do I need to buy more. I have taken the option of having the landing gear fixed so dont need any thing for this.

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Torque Requirements
by: rcdude07

At a minimum use the Futaba standard servos on all surfaces, but also think about higher torque servos if you will be pulling fast manuevers, high G manuevers, etc... The torque of the servos will matter. I use standard Futaba servos on my Great Planes Extra 300S (60 sized flow plane with about a 60" wingspan).

by: Anonymous

Hi again
Will the pc18 servos work the engine throttles?
This model is a Grumman Albatross so I do not think it will be doing Hi G manouvers

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