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"SAFE Technology" on A 10?

Think its possible to use the "safe" from a delta ray on another plane? I really want to fly a large a10 but, i realize my limitations at this point.

My thoughts were to pin the rudder in place on the a10 and basically turn a 4 or 5 channel plane into a 3 channel and have the hobbyzone avionics control an edc the same way it does the delta ray.

Below is what I want to put the delta ray "safe" technology in.

Check out this item I found on eBay:

Thanks for any help.


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by: rcdude07

If you are only able to fly a Delta Ray with SAFE and AS3X on, then you do not have the skill set for an A-10. Larger, faster aircraft require skill sets well beyond a trainer aircraft. Spektrum receivers with SAFE also have AS3X, the receivers I'm aware of with SAFE have AS3X tuned to a specific Horizon Hobby branded airframe. This means you'll have to buy an additional cable to hook the RX up to a computer or iOS device and tweak the gains.

You need to progress to at a minimum a low wing aerobatic airplane first and get really proficient in flying and landing this type of aircraft before moving up to a high performance airplane like an A-10. Then throw in EDF power, another large learning curve as you don't have instant power like a prop plane.

So NO, please be patient in learning and improving your skill set. doing so will make you happier than buying and crashing something you can't handle yet.

by: Anonymous

I guess I was expecting that answer and was just holding out hope.

Back to my trainer for a lot longer.

Thank you

by: James

Hello. I use the apprentice reciver in 4 different airplanes. The t28 the carbon z cub the taylorcraft 450 and the night VisionAire. I use them because my eye sight is not very good anymore and without safe I would have to give up my hobby of flying. Plus if your skills are not quite up to participate you can fly two mistake high and switch expert and practice unaided flight.with the safe reciver you might need to use a servo reverser. When I use the apprentice reciver on the carbon z cub for example the alearon channel require that you use a reverser. Or you have to relocate the servo arms.the reverser is much easier. I use turnegy reversers. Well I hope that helps. James. Ra

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