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RFI on 2.4 Ghz

by Carlos
(El Salvador)

I just bought a phantom I (2.4 ghz transmitter) and I have read that if you don't turn off your mounted hero3 wifi (2.4 Ghz) it can fly away because of the two transmitting in the same frequency.

Reading your article about this frequency I get confused because you say the opposite, that this frequency is very secure (I wish it is true) because the Tx and Rx lock on so no other transmitter can mess with your aircraft.

Who to believe to?

Thanks a lot

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Good Question!
by: Matt

Carlo's brings up a very valid point and I don't have a good answer for him. The same is true with FPV. You can't fly FPV with 2.4 Ghz camera transmitters. Why not?

About frequency and channel
by: f-romi

as we could operate more planes on 35MHz, we could operate more devices on 1.2, 2.4, 5.8GHz. The question is what is the hopping mechanism if exists. The same happens with a WI-Fi routers: frequency band is devided into a multitude of channels ( Before we were selecting channel by cristal, then selecting one on a synt. module/receiver. Later we have got DSSS to select a channel, later FHSS and so on...
The idea is to use a channel, but channel selection is automatic. We also got packet switched communication with CRC and transmitter identifier. That solves the problem occurred if occasionally 2 transmitters uses same channel then packet from a foreign transmitter is dropped. So, if the quality of the equipment is good and there is a low level of noise multiple devices could play together. Do you use 'nice' equipment? :)

by: f-romi

Sorry, have forgotten to attach 2 articles.

There few qwe:
- are you using professional equipment? (price will not reflect that)
- if not, have you done everything to reduce the noise? (frequency filters lie EMESe etc)
- frequency lock, hopping, and other protocols used: will they interfere or will work together in a partnership respecting each others resource needs (power, frequency).
- who told its easy? (marketing is not about to teach you but about to sell something) :)

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