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Retired VET Seeking Advice with RC Planes

I am retired Military: at 80yrs, after 24yrs in the Air Force and Army Natl. Guard.have afever to build and fly Planes I worked on, in the Service: f-102 Delta Dagger, f-106 Delta dagger,f-86, B-36, B-52,FC Phantom,f-105,f-89 scorpion and possibly Jap Zero, p-51 mustang,f-16,f-18 hornet latest stealth fighter Ist 5 listed, eng. mechanic in Sac.

Tach air commands strictly a beginner, but good health, also interested in building and racing model boats: class: liminted and un limited hydro's operational and display..possibly will begin a RC hobby shop appreciate all info and contact addresses, phone numbers available..I live in Corning, Calif

Would appreciate your input

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Setup Online Shop
by: rcdude07

I admire your desire to start an r/c shop. But if you don't plan to put a major emphasis on an online store front, you won't survive. The business is very cut throat (thanks to places like Hobby King, Banggood, and Gear Best). Many of us long time modelers are watching traditional LHSes (local hobby shop) close up because business is not there. To get your best business, talk to the local AMA clubs that will be the bulk of your business and carry what they need/want the most. Don't cater to only the BNF/ARF crew, have supplies for builders (kit and scratch) as well.

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