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RC Simulator for Mac???

by John
(Wellesley, Ma. USA)

Aerofly Pro Works with MACs

Aerofly Pro Works with MACs

Get Aerofly Pro Here


I am new to this RC/simulator world so I don't know what is possible. My goal is to buy a RC flight simulator for a Mac and then start flying planes.

Is there a flight simulator that can be run on a newer Intel Mac for around $100 or less using a joystick?

Or is it better to buy an RC electric plane to learn basic flight control and then move up to, say, a SU-26 using the same controller?

I would also want to first run a flight simulator with the same family of aircraft on a Mac thru a USB port to the RC controller box. Is there such a product out there for a Mac?

Thank you, John

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I don't think there is an RC simulator specifically for MACS
by: Matt

When using a sim it is best to use a controller that resembles a standard TX. Learning to fly with a joystick really doesn't help you much when you fly the real thing with two sticks on a transmitter.

Kinda of like learning to drive a car with a joystick on a pc program. It may help somewhat, but it's nothing like the real thing.

I recommend stopping by your local club. They can help you to learn to fly with a buddy box.

I have heard of mac users downloading X-plane and using the tower view. I have heard this helps somewhat with learning control reversal, which is the hardest part about learning to fly RC in my opinion.

I wouldn't recommend x-plan as a substitute for an RC Sim, but it something you can play with.

by: John

I am in the process of trying to line up a "simulator" to practice flying rc aircraft. I use a Mac and PC at work. I have an older PC laptop at home. I prefer and intend to buy a MiniMac in March.

I understand BootCamp can run some PC games on the new Mac OS. So an option would be to buy a simulator made for PC's and then run BootCamp.
I do have X-Plane which I assume can run with a Logitech 3D joystick which I don't have yet. Thank you for suggesting flying from the control tower for X-Plane.

I think what I want is an RC controller that can fly a family of various planes AND also allow me to fly these models on a computer (Mac?) thru a USB connection. Is there such a manufacturer that offers this capability?

Take Phoenix sim demo for a spin...
by: Matt

Hey John,

The Phoenix Simulator will work with Macs. Says it requires Bootcamp, Parallels, or VMWare Fusion.

You can download them demo here to see if it will work before buying.

by: majicmanpr

Hello RC Fans!

when I first researched for a flight simulator I noticed that all the information out there is outdated. We now have a company that develops simulators for a Mac (IKARUS) you can obtain information on this site

They currently have at the new version of aerofly 5.5 with 119 aircrafts, 42 photo-, multipano- and 4D sceneries, countless settings, time of date set up, weather, wind, clouds, fog, animated wind wheels, wind socks, trees, branches, leaves, multiplayer and much more.

Depending on your controller you may be able to use the interface cable with your transmitter (hitec or JR) or purchase the sim controller as well.

Hope this help

AeroFly 5 For Mac
by: MLP

The URL is
You can find a MAC version on EBAY for $249.00. This includes everything.

by: Anonymous

I am new to RC Flying and I want to buy the AeroflyRC 8 app for my Mac. I am looking for a Mac compatible simulator dongle to connect my Spectrum DX8e transmitter to my Mac.

Dongle for AeroFly RC8
by: Cedric

You can purchase a dongle to connect your Spektrum transmitter to the AeroFly RC8 simulator from Horizon Hobby.

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