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RC Radio that works for all Brands?

by joe trujillo
(imperial valley ca.)

Is there a radio that can handle all brands of planes?

Really sorry for this silly question. I'm new to this. I've been buying Parkzone and Hobby Zone brands so far.

And one FMS.

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by: Ken

Any radio will work. I use a flysky. It don't cost a lot and will store memory for 20 models. Works great

Not really
by: jklong03

Spectrum and JR are compatible. Futaba only does Futaba. My FlySky/Turnigy will only talk to FlySky/Turnigy receivers.

So if you have only been flying out of the box planes, chances are only an upgraded Spectrum or JR TX is going to work without replacing the receiver.

If you want to replace the RX and TX as a package, Only FlySKY/Turnigy/JR connections are compatible, Futaba Servos use a different wiring scheme.

Summary, go Futaba and you are dedicated to Futaba TX/RX and if you go JR/Turnigy/FlySky need RX to match these.

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