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R/C Models Bring back Full Scale Memories

by rcdude07

GWS C 47

GWS C 47

I flew my GWS C-47 at Warbirds Over Dixie event on 8-15-15. After one flight I was stopped and a fellow pilot was asking the usual questions. The man beside him, his dad, proceeds to tell me the uniqueness of jumping out of a C-47 and due to the location of the horizontal stab the deaths that happened.

He proceeded to tell me he was a paratrooper and jumped out of them and C-119's during Korea. He pointed out some non-scale things on the plane, which I understood and explained stand off scale and choices to make a model fly better.

As he told me more stories, he would stop, get emotional, and tell me he was trying to remember more. He thanked me for flying it today, although it's painted in WWII invasion colors.

I told him it was I who was thankful and that I fly r/c warbirds in their memory and honor.

GWS C-47 Maiden Flight from rcdude07 on Vimeo.

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by: Matt

Thanks for sharing RC Dude.

That is awesome that you and your model were able to bring back some memories for this fellow.

We often take freedom for granted these days. People (including myself) often take for granted the heroes who put their lives on the line both in the sky and on the battle field in order to stop Hitler and his evil regime.

It would be awesome if you could share a picture of this fighter!

by: Dennis Bosley Retired MSgt USAF

Well glad to see someone with an RC Model of the old " GOONEYBIRD " I was a propeller Technician on the AC-47 "Gunship" and EC-47 aircraft in Viet Nam and I love that airplane Thank you to you and the gentleman who talked about his memories.

No, thank you
by: rcdude07

No, Thank you so much for your service.

I have posted pictures and a link to the maiden flight on the corresponding Facebook post as I don't readily see how to add these to this posting.

I tried really hard to put a drop door on this little model so I can have paratroopers, but the GWS C-47 model just isn't big enough to move servos and put in a door.

Added your pictures and videos
by: Matt

I would like to extend my thanks to the both of you.

And thanks for posting the video and pictures on the Facebook page. I have added them to the top of this page as well.

Nice plane man!

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