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RC Airplane Motor Will Not Stop

How do I slow down my electric motor? It runs at about half speed at lowest speed setting.

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Motor not stopping
by: Pete

That happened to me when I firs started flying. Check the throttle setting on your radio, use the throttle trim or try re=programming your esc. One of those should work. Good luck.

Throttle control
by: Anonymous

First: Check your throttle trim setting.

Second: Make sure your electronic speed control(ESC)
is calibrated to the throttle control on your transmitter.

Calibrating Throttle control on transmitter
by: Andy

How do I calibrate my throttle control on my transmitter. I have the throttle trim set at 50 and if I lower it the motor goes faster.

Throttle problems
by: mike

I am probably stating the obvious but
have you tried reversing the throttle on your radio. If it accelerates in the wrong direction surely it must be this?
cheers mike

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