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RC Airplane Connections not Beeping

I have following connected ( all are brand new, and I am new to Flying, Complete newbie )

1. Tx = FS-i6
2. Rx = FS-iA6B ( also FS-iA6 came with Tx )
3. ESC = 30A
4. Motor = A2212/6T 2200kv & 2700kv
5. Battery = Zippt Lipo 2200mah 3s 35c-45c xt-60 connect

All hooked up. Receiver shows steady RED binding light.
Tx shows both TX & Rx as well
model 01 flysky01

However, the motor does not emit sounds confirming, battery as well ready status.

all this worked a week ago. All of sudden it does not work now. I have not changed a thing from last working state.

As all items are new and never used in fight as yet, Just learing and testing how to setup electrics.

First thing I did to make it work is, Reset Tx to FACTOREY DEFAULTS.
Still I do not get connection confirmation sounds.

In hurry, I opened up two ESC to see if anything is wroing so they are gone and I now have two new,

All your help is highly appreciated.



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servo tester
by: rcdude07

can you test the motor on a servo tester, or other ESC/rx combo?

Sounds like it may not be arming correctly.

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