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Radio System Advice for My Old Planes

by Charlie
(Canon City. Co. USA)

Thinking about getting back into the hobby and bring out my old planes ( kadet senior, p-47, pt-19, stuka, dr-8, etc.) my old radio system was/is futaba 7ch FM,

I notice that there are a lots of system 5-7ch. for around $150-$200 but also found systems for under $100 (Flysky, Turnigy, Walkera) what do you know about these?

I would prefer a 6-7ch. system.
Charlie Pohl

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72mHz still good - less problems
by: rcdude07

Your 72mHz gear is still good to use, except at big events like SEFF and Joe Nall. Matter of fact, there's less interference at AMA clubs due to people switching to 2.4GHz. I know people that use Frysky and Taranis without issue. I personally use Futaba 6J and Spektrum DX8.

You can't go wrong with a name brand system. I'd recommend nothing less than a 6ch system for you. My biggest advice to you is to get a system that you can get local support on, meaning if the majority of the people you fly with use a particular brand, get that brand as you can have help. I'm currently helping a pilot that uses Fkysky/Turnigy 9xr and others in the club are reluctant to help him for this reason.

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