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Radian Pro Aileron Problems

by Dave j
(Nevada, )

Radian Pro

Radian Pro

Just put together a Radian Pro and in checking it out the ailerons only work for a right turn, tried switching leads with same results. So could it still be in the wiring or just a bad receiver?

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Things to Try
by: rcdude07

Some things to try and check:

1. Travel settings on your TX to ensure you're not limiting one direction more than the other
2. Binding/prevention of aileron travel, such as aileron leading edge dirt, excess foam/sticker/covering. Same check on trailing edge of the wing along the aileron
3. Plug a different control surface to the slot in the RX and test. This will confirm wiring issue or TX setting issue.
4. Swap ailerons plug. I don't know if the Radian Pro used a single RX channel with a y-cable for the ailerons or two separate RX channels with programming on the TX.
5. Try different RX with ailerons.

IF all this fails, Horizon Hobby has great customer service, so give them a call.

Radian Pro Aileron Problems
by: mATT c.

Take a read through your radio manual. On some radios if you are using two aileron servos, you have to set the plane type up as either ailevon or flapperon. (Same thing goes if you are using two elevator servos) It will also tell you what port to plug it into on the receiver. For some functions it is #5 and others #6.

Problem solved!
by: Dave

Transmitter programmed wrong. Thanks for the help .

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