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Question about RC Helicopter Frequencies

I have several helicopters and was wondering I bought another heli that has no transmitter.The frequency sticker on the heli says 27mhz and it is white.

What exactly is the frequency?

I have another heli that has a green sticker that says 27.145mhz but some of my transmitters (with red stickers that say 27.145 wont work.

Can someone explain what the deal is and is there a place on the webb I could find say a chart.

I would really appreciate any help

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The Control Link Frequency
by: rcdude07

First off, these helicopters being on the 27mHz frequency indicates to me these are little "toy" helis, so you aren't going to get much range and won't be able to intermix TXes with RXes. There is a spectrum of wireless signals containing bands/frequencies (27mHz, 72mHz, 2.4GHz, 5.8 GHz, etc...) and within each frequency are variations of the signal that indicates channels (1, 2, 3, etc...). If the protocol used by the TX and RX and channels are the same on the TX and RX, then they will talk to each other and controlled flight will work.

The frequency and channel being used by the TX and RX establishes the talking link between the two so as you send stick and button movements from the TX to the RX, the RX knows where to listen to them from.

Here's a good link to explain the 27mHZ spectrum:

Here's a good article explaining 2.4GHz:

A good article on FPV frequencies (the same though/process can be used on TX frequencies):

by: D.J.

Ok I understand your point but I just want to figure out the scheme of the different colors on different items that have the same frequency listed on them.Hopefully those things you gave me will explain that.Thanks so much for your time.

Ham radio operator.

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