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Plug and Play Binding Question

by jim
(oakdale, ny)

You know when you get a plug & play elec plane, you bind the radio to the plane and then you have to deal with all of those settings. could you explain what i should pay attention to when i buy a plane and use my spectrum radio. do they make a radio that is easier to understand when it comes to making adjustments.

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Spektrum is as easy as it gets
by: rcdude07

Not sure by what you mean with making all the adjustments. If you mean setting expo, dual rates, subtrims, and mixes, Spektrum is as easy as it gets. Especially the new IX 12.

the Taranis and Horus (aka OpenTX) can make it easy for you if you are tinkering and like programming.

Not sure what you mean what to look for when buying a new BNF plane. Horizon Hobby makes great manuals that if you follow each step, the plane will fly well stock, especially now with AS3X coming standard on so many RXes in the BNF aircraft.

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