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Phantom 3 Drone Guidlines?

by Gilberto
(San Juan,TX.)

I'm looking into buying a Phantom 3 drone and was wondering if you would know the guide lines to have and fly one.

I was looking at some web pages and found this page in here.

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FAA Registration
by: rcdude07

Since you are in Texas and just now going to acquire the remote control quadcopter the minimum you have to do is register with the FAA first.

Before registering with the FAA you need to know if you are going to be primarily a hobby pilot or a business pilot. Do you plan to make money with the aircaft (taking pics/videos and selling them, selling services for aerial videography, etc...)? If you are wanting to use this as part of a business/make money you have to apply for a 333 Exemption and follow full scale requirements and each aircraft has to be registered.

A hobbyist is one who just flies and does the video for fun, no money. You only have to register yourself as a pilot, which is good for 3 years. All the FAA guidelines are documented on their registration website and you read them before agreeing to them.

HOWEVER, I encourage you to also join the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA). The AMA is a community based organization with a much better Safety Code (FAA's guidelines picked a few items from this) to fly by and is 20 years older than the AMA with an impeccable safety record. Joining the AMA gives you insurance in addition to your home owners in the event of an accident as well as a monthly magazine, and access to a large knowledge base. There are AMA Sanctioned clubs around the US, which requires AMA membership that you could fly at as an AMA member. Events like Joe Nall and SEFF are AMA sanctioned events an require AMA membership to fly there.

So, at a minimum register with the FAA and follow their guidelines. A step beyond that would be join the AMA and follow the AMA Safety Code.

Phanton 3 Standard owner
by: Mr. Tripod

Unfortunetly, Drones( It's better to call it a Quad Copter ) have been getting a bad rap. And because of this, there are restrictions on where you can fly them.Alot of state and county parks say you can't take off or land in them which I think is really unfair. You need to check your state and county laws.If it's over .55 lbs and under ~55lbs you have to register it with the FAA.No big deal(It's really Cheap) unless you're going to use it comercially.I really like "Droning" . I hope you will as well.

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