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outrunner motor size

by john tursi
(medford lakes, NJ)

decided to learn about electrics by building an electric trainer. I have a 795 W, 530 KV outrunner powered by a 4000 ma 5S lipo. The completed airplane weighs 6.5 lbs. Am I under - just right - or over powered??
Thanks in advance for your help.


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What plane manufacturer?
by: rcdude07

Did you scratch build, kit build, or build an ARF/BNF/RTF? If it wasn't a scratch build, there should have been recommendations for motor and battery and esc sizes. 5S lipo for a trainer, must be a a pretty big trainer (almost a .60 size nitro equivalent). Post more information about the plane. Until then, I'd be willing to say that lipo will be overkill and you'll have a heck of a time balancing the plane.

Make sure the motor and esc can handle that size lipo. The motor will have prop data to indicate lipo sizes it can handle.

Response to rcdude07's comment
by: John

Don't know the manufacturer, it was given to me half built by a co-worker who found it in the house he bought, therefor i have no info go on. It’s a tail dragger that look something like a cub, a .40 size I think having a 55 in wingspan. I’m using a 60 amp ESC but I will check the current draw before I attempt to fly it. The 6.5 lbs includes the 6 oz i need to add to the nose to balance it.

Probably overpowered
by: rcdude07

I'm still going with probably close to being overpowered. My advice to you will be to go to a local Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA) flying field and have an experienced modeler perform a pre-flight check on the plane and let them maiden it for you first. The preflight check will check for loose screws, loose bolts, loose glue joints, proper control surface movement, proper CG balance, and a range check. The experienced pilot will trim the plane on maiden, check stall characteristics, speed, etc... Only he or she will be able to tell you if it's overpowered.

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