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outputs on receiver for 3 way switch on transmitter

Hi! flyer

built p51 30 years ago. flew for 6 month got to close to a building with a remote control can guess what put it all in a box. now 30 years later bought an escapade and put all the equipment in new plane.

now for the question...added a gyro to plane but only have 4 channels but i will need to reset gyro. would like to know if anyone knows what the output of the receiver is for a 3 way switch on a transmitter. so i can put the switch in the plane and at least be able to change settings and choose a mode

any help appreciated

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What brand RX and TX
by: rcdude07

Can you provide us with more information such as TX and RX brand and model numbers?

Based on your current text it sounds like you are using a 4ch RX. I'm assuming you have all 4 channels used (Throttle, aileron, rudder, elevator). If that is the case, then you can't plug anything else into the RX. If you are using a 5 or higher channel RX, then you will have the ports available to connect to, and then program our TX to use a 3position switch on the RX channel connected to.

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