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OS Engine Crankshaft End Play

by jim
(jeffco, mo)

have 2 os rc engines-10 & 40 2 cycle nitro abc....older engines having low to no run time on them. both have end play in the crankshaft, and rattle on low throttle settings. is this normal, or something that needs addressing? have other os engines with no end play in them.

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When in Doubt, check
by: rcdude07

When in doubt, check. If it's a problem at low RPM, will only intensify and grow bigger at higher RPM.

Are they OS FP engines?
by: Anonymous

All the 40FP engines that I have run had the end play and I too questioned it but it is not a factor. I didn't use many of the 10FP or 20Fp but I do have a 15FP and it too has a bit of end play. No factor. The FP engines had plain bearings (bushings) and not ball bearings.

Now, if it was a 40SF with ball bearings, yes, that would be a problem. Fly them and enjoy them. They were inexpensive entry level motors. They will run and leak oil but they will still operate well.

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